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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/11/2016

Decent computer, game doesn't even hit 30fps

Not sure what's wrong with me here. My rig can play Skyrim at high graphics, yet it can't play a simple 20+ MB game. I'm very confused, and would like to know why the game is lagging so bad. Running on a 64-bit system, not sure if that would screw with it or not.
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• 11/27/2016

Healing rocks,trees?

If you leave a tree or rock or cotton plant to sit after you strike it a bunch for recources, does it heal?
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• 10/21/2014

Perhaps some hints in the game?

I wanted to make a bow from a branch and a cord but it didn't work and I didn't understand why. Now I read I have to use water to make the branch bendable.
It might be nice to give hints about this when you combine items which are okay but need to be processed further. In real life yo would also come to the concusupion that the branch is too sturdy.
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• 7/7/2014


Made 21 gardens on island 2 in adventure mode... Now the odd garden farthest away from the others is the only one producing butterflys? Help?
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• 6/14/2014

Problems with Lions

Hi guys,
I have little problem :( One lion bit me and I losing health and blood three days in row !
I was looking for some ( Strong ) healing herbs , but nothing :(
It is so anoying and I have less and less food :(
Guys , pls help me
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