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Stranded II

Stranded 2 is a 3D freeware game that puts you on a desert island and you have to survive with the resources around you made by Unrealsoftware. [1]


Stranded - once more! In Stranded II you face up with the struggle for survival again. However there is much more to discover and to explore compared to Stranded I. Gather food, tinker your own tools and weapons, go hunting, construct buildings and vehicles, tame wild animals and ride them or find lengendary treasures!

The whole island world is now better designed and has more details. It's now possible to poison animals or to even burn trees!

One of the best improvements is simply the huge number of new possibilities and objects. More than 100 different items can be found, used, combined, eaten or obstructed. Many new buildings allow you to build a powerful camp which offers protection and unexpected comfort.

As a opposed to Stranded I, there is now a real adventure with several different islands, many diary entries, and interactions with other islanders.

Of course, there are also single missions again. For example, an island where you can play Tower Defense, a raptor hunting island, or a mysterious color game

That's not enough for you? Take a look at the editor and create your own islands. A clever scripting system offers nearly unlimited options. Objects can be changed with definitions and scripts as well. It's even possible to add completely new Objects and to modify the whole game this way.

Stranded 2 was created by "Unreal Software". Website:

Unreal Software was founded by Peter Schauss, also know as DC or Dark Corner, creator of Stranded 1 and 2 as well as Counterstrike 2D.

As stated on the main website, Unreal Software has no connections with "Unreal" games and engines by Epic Games.

This game is a simulation game at the highest levels and you have to survive as long as possible.

Unfortunately, there is currently no download for Mac or for Linux systems.


  • fast 3D engine with low system requirements due to Blitz 3D
  • huge islands
  • countless animals and plants
  • more than 100 (!) different items with various qualities
  • a lot of distinctive buildings and vehicles
  • a huge arsenal of different tools, weapons and ammunitions
  • seamless day and night alternation
  • dynamic lighting effects, particles, fog, reflecting water and blur effects
  • a big adventure with ingame sequences and story elements
  • many varied maps
  • map editor with numerous options
  • extremely comprehensive scripting system for interactive maps
  • completely "modable" by changing scripts and definitions


You have just bought a yacht, and take it for a trip, but lose track of your course with excitement and run into a storm. Lighting hits your boat and the boat explodes. You are thrown overboard and regain consciousness on a strange island.


You must be aware of the dangers on each island if you wish to survive. For example, the island you land on has a small coastal forest on which lions roam. They don't leave here unless they are chasing you. Avoid this area as much as possible- you only need to enter this area once, if you have to at all. If you end up being chased, they are fast and will kill you easily. So if you find yourself in this situation, quickly head to water and go as far as necessary. They can't go far at all into water.

You must also find a source of water. The saltwater will quickly make you thirstier so avoid drinking this. On island 1, there is a small mountain/hill with a spring. (This is the one with the bubbles coming out.) This holds unlimited water. Use this as much as you can, and avoid using the water on you if you can.

When you find the wheat, take it and plant it. This will grow more and the bread you can make from it will benefit you greatly. If there is any grapes where you are or in your rucksack, use them to the ground and plant them too. These will supply you will extra food necessary for survival.

Build a shelter and fire first on each island. Also make sure you ALWAYS have food on you no matter what! Also, build a storage box. This is unbelievably useful.

Avoid danger as much as you possibly can, and I strongly recommend you get off island 3 as fast as possible. This particular island holds the most dangerous creatures of all- dinosaurs. Some fly, others can jump quite high, others are VERY fast runners, and all are trained to kill you. Avoid contact at ALL costs. Build fences and VERY good shelters that can stop them from all angles. Be very careful.


Final Version; Gold -03.12.2008

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