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Adventure mode is a game mode in Stranded II that allows the player to embark on an structured adventure that's meant to act as a campaign or story mode. In Adventure mode, you play as a man who has acquired a new yacht and decides to ride it out to sea. Devoid of better judgement, he gets lost out at sea while a thunder storm rages on. When he's finally unlucky enough for lightening to hit the boat, his yatch explodes violently, and he is set off at sea, unconcious into the unknown. He wakes up on a small, unfamiliar island where he has few supplies and few assets. Now, it's up to him to survive and try to get back to his home land; however, the ride might be wilder than he expected.

Adventure mode is comprised of four main islands for the player to survive on, all of them having some sort of tasks or objectives that the player must achieve to progress, along with the added mechanic of simply having to survive.


These guides are included to help people beat the adventure mode in Stranded II. Any additional information you have to put into these guides are welcome.


  • Adventure mode is actually completely made up of tools one can find in the editor. Scripts, cutscenes, maps, and all else are replicatable via the editor, and despite being the game's main feature, none of the mechanics of adventure mode are actually stored within the game's base coding.