Branch Edit

Description: A material that is gained from striking Trees or certain variety of Bushes. It is a well-sized stick that is used for a variety of buildings and crafting recipes. It can be planted in the ground under certain circumstances to grow a tree, and it is an extremely useful and important material for survival.
Weight: 200
Combination: Trunk + Machete; Trunk + Axe
Combined to Make: Wooden Arrows, Arrows, Bolts, Poison Arrows, Fire Arrows, Bendable Branch, Hammer, Fishing Rod, Axe, Spade, Pickaxe, Tent, Net, Scythe, Spear, Bow, Slingshot, Longbow, machete, Arbalest, Clawspear, Wilson, Torch
Looted From: Tree; Bush
Actions: Make Fire; Splint; Plant
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