Coffee Fruits



Looted from

Coffee Trees

Stats restored

1 health, 4 hunger, 2 thirst, 7 fatigue



Coffee fruits are the fruit obtained from coffee trees, which appear very similar to berries, except for their darker red coloration. Coffee fruits actually slightly restore every single stat when eaten, making them very handy to keep when dealing with hardcore survival. They can be hard to obtain due to the fact that most islands do not naturally generate their trees, and with the fact that they often spawn hidden under their own tree leaves. Despite the obvious connection, they cannot be crafted or cooked into coffee, although they can be brewed into potions with a similar assumed effect.


"coffee fruits which contain a lot of caffeine"


  • Despite it's effects on the fatigue of the player, the item itself is the coffee berry, and not the caffine-packed seed from it that's usually refered to as a "coffee bean"
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