Defence tower stranded 2

Defence Tower

Defense Tower
Defence tower stranded 2

Building Terrain




Materials required

4 Ironbars, 20 Branches, 20 Pebbles, 20 Feathers





The defense tower will automatically shoot arrows at hostile creatures like lion. It is a good supporting weapon, however, it lacks the power to take down lions. It is unwise to rely on a defense tower without using your own weapons. If the tower misses, the arrow will land on the ground, which you can then pick up. Because of this, it is also a good way of getting arrows since it has an infinite amount of arrows. If you build it beside a respawing animal's lair (lion, raptor, eagle), it will kill that animal every day (late in the afternoon), giving you a continual source of raw meat. Thus, every day, it will add one point to your hunting score. At a high enough score (200), all the arrows it shoots will stay where they fall. This gives you an arrow factory, preventing you from having to make your own arrows. The best weapons using these arrows is the Long Bow and the Gold Bow.[1]

Arrow Factory 2
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