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In Stranded II, your player will spawn ashore a map that takes the form of an island. This island, if not user created, will have many various aspects to it that all contribute to it's environment. An island's environment can be dependent on the terrain type when spawning in a random island, but generally includes trees, beaches, a surrounding ocean, randomly spawned spawners and animals, one human NPC, and randomly generated items scattered around the island. If random, the island will also occasionally spawn crates, barrels, or logs in the ocean. There are many aspects that determine an islands environment, and the best way to observe all of these is to simply explore an island for yourself. An environment can also be modified by the player through various methods, such as planting crops, cutting trees, building spawners, and other various actions.

An island's environment is essential to survival, and having a randomly generated island that does not include certain elements can be very harrowing for personal survival.

Everything that is categorized with "Environment" is something that can be naturally found within, or is specifically meant for, an islands environment.

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