This skill increases whenever you angle at a body of water with the Fishing Rod. For more information about the action of fishing itself, look at the fishing page.

Skill LevelsEdit

Level 25 (Rod amateur)Edit

There is now a slight chance that you may also catch something at places without fishes

Level 50 (Rod adept)Edit

The probability to catch something has increased. Furthermore, you can now build bow nets that trap fishes automatically

Level 100 (Rod semi-professional)Edit

Thanks to optimised technique, you can catch things anywhere with a high rate of success

Level 200 (Rod professional)Edit

You are now a true master of making and using baits. Therefore you cannot only catch worthless junk anywhere you want, but even big, handsome fish.

Level 500 (Pike-man)Edit

Amazing! Your gain at the rod should now be truly satisfying!