In Stranded II, there are various game modes, or ways the normal game can be played par for user-created maps. These game modes can extremeley vary the way the game is played and the mechanics meant to succeed in it. There are three major game modes in vanilla Stranded II that all carry different versions of playing or using the main game. These game modes include the Adventure Mode, which is created by the developer to act as a structured and objective campaign mode, Random Mode, which will create a randomly generated island under user-inputed parameters, and the Editor, which allows the user to craft their own maps using every possible parameter in the vanilla game.

Under the effects of mods, Stranded II can also carry other variety of game modes.



  • A game mode that was meant to be implemented into the game but never made it into the final version was multiplayer. This would allow players to interact with the same island at the same time via internet, but was never fully implemented for various reasons, including the lack of server support. However, due to popular demand, there have been fan-attempts to create multiplayer mods.
  • Although they meet most of the criteria to be a proper game mode, maps such as Tower Defense and Color Game are accessible though the user-created map list, and thus are not technically game modes; just very well designed excess maps.
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