Gameplay is what actually happens in the game, if you go on the menu's above you can choose what you want to look at featuring in the catagory "Gameplay"

The StartEdit

At the start it is strongly recommended that in the first day you should try to find a place to sleep in and make a shelter. This is your main priority at the start. You start worrying about food the next day because it's hard to do in the very first day of the gameplay. You could however try to kill some kiwis or turtles to give you a back-up. A fire could also be useful but don't worry if it's not finished. You can still eat raw food or fruit from trees eg.bananas. Making a tent is also optional but it's better to start off with a basic shelter rather than tent as it takes time to hunt and it's going to turn night time before you do anything. Also try to make your shelter near a source of water (drinkable) if possible. By picking a good spot for your shelter, prefferably away from danger and close to sea, you increase your chance of survival.

The Early Stage Exploration and Resource-gatheringEdit

As soon as your shelter is up, you notice that rumbling noise in your stomach. Time to start gathering resources, explore a bit further and plant some wheat if possible. One of your goals for an endless game will be to satisfy your thirst and hunger with your own staple food source. For an adventure game, you will try the same but you may eventually leave your island so do not get too comfy.

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