Insect Parts



Stats restored

5 Hunger, 1 Thirst

Looted from

Butterfly, Dragonfly, Firefly, Fly, Grasshopper, Spider, Bark, Dig

Insect parts are used in fishing, but can also be eaten. Each insect part eaten fills your health bar by 5%, but they are so light in weight that they are the most efficient food per weight in the game, beating out both berries and cookies. They can be found when digging, by using using bark or by killing bugs like spiders, butterflies, or dragonflies. If you have any insect parts in your inventory, one insect part will be consumed as bait each time you fish.


"delicious parts of insects. They are used as baits when I fish"

When UsedEdit

"They will be used as bait when I fish!"

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