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Pick lock

The picklock is a tool that has no use at it's base, but can be used to unlock objects that have been locked via the editor. Using the picklock on a locked object will bring up the lockpicking menu, where you'll be required to input a series of directions using the clickable arrows. If you enter an incorrect direction, you'll be required to begin again at the start of the sequence until you can input the entire sequence correctly. The directions available for the player to click range from four to one, with the difficulty usually being dependent on how many clickable directions there are. When you do input the entire sequence, you'll be given access to the items in the storage and you won't have to unlock the object again. The picklock is a very useful item to have in user-created maps to unlock secrets or create a little bit of extra challenge.


"a picklock which can be used to crack locks"

When used[]

"Use the object you want to open!"



  • The term "Picklock" is actually used to describe a person who's picking a lock, rather than the item used to do it. The proper term for the item is actually "Lockpick", which is what it's referred to in the game's code, but not in the game itself.
  • The picklock cannot function by itself, as it needs a locked object for it to be used on. If there is no locked object on the map, the lockpicking screen will not be available even if you have the picklock.