To use the Planting Skill  (Agriculture, Botanic's)

This skill increases whenever you plant or seed something. (Preferably picked Wheat for beginners.)

Planting Skill's

None (0)



Berry bush


Trees & Bushe's


Fruit Tree's


"Quicker seed's"

50 Berry bush planter You are now able to grow berry bushes from berries

100 Herbalist You have found out how to find the perfect soil to grow herbs and are hereby able to set up herbal beds.

200 Forester If you stick branches into the ground, trees will grow there. You can also plant leaves to grow bushes now.

400 Master of the fruits Your skills in herbal lore get better and better! You now have the abilities to plant bananas, plums, coconuts, cacao pods and coffee berries.

800 Farmer Thanks to "optimised procedure", the sowing of seeds takes far less time than it did in previous versions.