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Warning: this island has two claw monkeys, so you should have a weapon.

The Pirate first wants you to light all the torches using 2 Flint. Once the torches are lit, he will then ask you to help him either by rebuilding his boat or building a lighthouse by bringing him stones and logs. You must gather Stone, or 15 Logs and give them to the Pirate so he can rebuild his lighthouse or boat, and then sleep afterwards to trigger the next stage. When you wake up, the Pirate is gone, but he leaves a note beside the shore of the island indicating that he tricked you and he used the stone and/or logs you gave him for other purposes. The note also indicates that there is some sort of magic stone in the ruins at the center of the island. You can locate the magic stone (shaped like a rectangle) by pressing the use key (E by default) on any stone; the correct stone will react by asking you to find 25 "Children Of The Sea" (either Clams, Starfish, or Fish) and place them on the stone. Once you do, then use the stone and it will teleport you to the next island: Third Island.

Treasure Hunt[]

Behind the pirate's shelter is a map with a riddle, and a shovel. The riddle, if followed correctly, should lead you from the well to just into the foliage, down to the water's edge, then back across to a rock that sits south-east of the main ruins area (about halfway down to the water). Depending on how you interpret the clues, it may end up being much closer to east than north-east for the final step.Then to be start digging whole Island.