Your skills affect the efficiency of how you do things. Your skill levels can be viewed by looking at your Character menu.

There are Five skills in the game:



The skill point milestones include 1, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and some skills 800.


Digging - This skill increases whenever I dig Edit

25 - Scooping You do not aimlessly poke around in the ground anymore but chim it systematically, hereby increasing the chance of findings.

50 - Shovel amateur Carefuller digging enables you to find insects and mushrooms.

100 - Shovel adept Better technique furtherly increases the probability to find something. Plus, from now on you can dig out bitterroots!

200 - Shovel semi-professional You do not let anything slip anymore. You will always find something when you dig.

500 - Shovel professional The optimised shovel technique now provides great gains at digging.

Fishing - This skill increases whenever I fish

25 - Rod amateur

There is now a slight chance that you may also catch something at places without fishes.

50 - Rod adept Edit

The probability to catch something has increased. Furthermore, you can now build bow nets that trap fishes automatically.

100 - Rod semi-professional

Thanks to optimised technique, you can catch things anywhere with a high rate of success

200 - Rod professional Edit

You are now a true master of making and using baits. Therefore you cannot only catch worthless junk anywhere you want, but even big, handsome fish.

500 - Pike-man Edit

Amazing! Your gain at the rod should now be truly satisfying!

Hunting - This skill increases whenever I bring an animal down Edit

25 - Master of the sling

 When shooting pebbles with the slingshot, there is now a chance that they stay where they hit the ground and can be reutilised.

50 - Spearman

 Spears can now also be picked up again in some cases.

100 - Bowman

 Through the right way to shoot arrows, even they may now sometimes remain intact. In addition, you can now construct a stance - a safe place to attack animals from.

200 - Spearmaster

From now on, spears will never be destroyed when thrown and can be used as often as you want.

Planting - This skill is increased whenever something is planted Edit

50 - Berry bush planter

 You are now able to grow berry bushes from berries

100 - Herbalist

 You have found out how to find the perfect soil to grow herbs and are hereby able to set up herbal beds.

200 - Forester

 If you stick branches into the ground, trees will grow there. You can also plant leaves to grow bushes now.

400 - Master of the fruits

 Your skills in herbal lore get better and better! You now have the abilities to plant bananas, plums, coconuts, cacao pods and coffee berries.

800 - Farmer 

Thanks to "optimised procedure", the sowing of seeds takes far less time than it did in previous versions.

Lumbering - This skill is increased when cutting down trees Edit

25 - Hackling

Logs can now be combined with an axe or a machete to gain 10 branches

50 - Axe amateur

The right way to strike out increases the damage that your axe causes on wood

100 - Axe adept

You have learned to hit wood at the right angle to cause even more damage

200 - Axe semi-professional

Your strenght and technique have further improved, increasing the damage on wood

400 - Axe professional

Woodcutting in perfection! By using the optimised technique, you cause maximum damage with your axe

800 - Butcher of the woods

Attention! Keep in mind that trees are important for the earth's climate - with your skills, you could easily clear-fell all forests of the world!

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