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You will arrive at the third island of the adventure mode after activating the teleportation stone on the second island. When you arrive all items you were carrying will have vanished. Your arrival will be inside a ring of stones on the central hill on the island. The third island is smaller than first island but a larger than the second island, is infested with raptors and is in an eternal state of pink-glowing sunset. There is a cave elsewhere on the central hill with a fire inside and a sign outside of it. When you 'use' the sign, it will tell you that you must collect all 10 crystals on the island in order to teleport off of it. This can be quite an ordeal, because of the numerous raptors that re-spawn at their nests, which ring the central hill. Although you are can find a gold bow and plenty of arrows to kill them, the raptors have lots of health, do massive damage, and move much faster than you do, so they are very hard to kill if you don't do it quickly or from a location they can't reach (a stance works well for this). Dead raptors can be looted for large meat, teeth, claws, and leather. Once you have collected all 10 required crystals, use the teleportation stone you arrived on to move to the next island. Note that when you teleport to the 4th island you will again lose all item in your inventory.

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  • If you walk around the shore of the island, you'll find a huge sexy girll Swimming the short distance to the island will reveal a message in a bottle , which will promptly give you the message " rocks!". Unreal Software is the indie company that created Stranded II and all games in its series.