Torch can refer to two items; a permanent building like torch and a portable weapon which can cause fire.

Torch (building) Edit


Torch in-game


Building Terrain



Shelter + Campfire

Materials required

35 x Branch





A torch is a building that provides light and requires 35 branches. You can unlock it by building a shelter and then a campfire. They can be lit by two methods.

  1. Striking the top using 2 flint or by shooting the top with a fire arrow.
  2. Using a torch (weapon). Strike using a torch weapon (made from using a branch near any kind of fire) around the upper portion (not in rain)

It cannot be lit up by using branch + bark method. Rain will put out torch. Like any other fire it can also be put out by throwing water over it.


  • It can be used as a navigational aid
  • It can be used to fry fish and meat just like a campfire
  • Gives light in dark, though it only illuminates a small area


  • Health - 10
  • Material - Wood
  • Object Group - Building

A lit torch


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Torch (weapon) Edit

The weapon torch which can set fire to almost anything.

Crafing: In presence of any kind of fire, use branch.

Weight: 500g

Uses Edit

  • Can be used to set fire to many objects,
    1. Attacking an animal like turtle several times can cause fire to it. This will periodically hurt the animal. Even a fly will catch fire, which dies out after a few seconds of flight.
    2. Attacking wheat and hemp will set fire to it. They will die but the respective products will not be damaged. Attacking other plants too gives of their final product or fruits on them. This fire can pass from one to another. This is the best method to cultivate crops that requires to be cut down to get harvested. Once set fire to one end will cause everything to burnout, leaving behind the product.
    3. Lighting up campfire and torch (building). This can be used as an alternative to flint.
    4. Attacking a tree sets fire to it. The tree will burn out eventually giving off logs.
    5. Can also attack buildings and set fire to them

All killings will be counted to characters skills (hunting and lumbering)

  • Gives off light
  • As a melee weapon. It can cause damage by the strike.
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