Stranded 2 Wiki


Water is the primary method of replenishing thirst.

  • Water on Adventure Mode is first obtained by destroying a crate, almost completely sunken. (to the right)
  • in Survival (Random Island) you start with 10x WaterBottles on easy, and 5x on normal. you start with nothing on hard.


Water can be found in a few places.

  • One location of water is The Ocean, which completely surrounds the island you are on. Although you can drink water from the ocean, unlike fresh water this will only increase your thirst. This is because water high in salt such as seawater dehydrates anyone who drinks it.
  • Another is in Ponds, small dips in the ground. These are quite rare. They cannot be found on randomly generated islands. (Freshwater ponds are made by attatching a freshwater info to a body of water; a body of water not attached to the ocean will still be saltwater unless an info is attached.)
  • In some cases, in carved Rocks. These will fill up when it rains, but will run out quickly. After a carved rock is filled, it can be used 5 times before it will become empty again. Each use will restore 25% of the thirst bar. 
  • Water bottles. They can be made through a crafting recipe, making a portable source through pressing 30x leaves with a Stone. Water bottles, when used, restore 50% of the character's possible total thirst. This portable water can be used to put out Fires.


If you find a rock full of bubbling water, that means that you found an underground spring source, which provides unlimited fresh water.

Finding an unlimited spring is essential at first. Later on, you can build a well, (an artificial spring source) but that takes many Stones and Pebbles, making it difficult to build at first. In addition, a well will silt up after many uses, requiring you to use a shovel to remove mud and allow further use of it.